This Netflix subscription plan will allow you to watch Netflix series

For Rs 149 on Netflix, you can watch all the content of Netflix in 480p resolution.

With Netflix's Rs 149 plan, you can watch content on just one device

Netflix users can also option for the basic plan at Rs 199 per month

Under this plan, users can stream 480p resolution content on their TV, laptop, mobile or tablet

Opting for the Standard plan priced at Rs 499 per month will give you access to all Netflix content in FHD (1080p) resolution

Users will be able to watch content on up to two devices at a time with this 499 plan.

The streaming platform also offers a top of the line plan priced at Rs 699 per month. 

By choosing this plan, you will get access to all the content of Netflix in 4K UHD resolution

 Under this plan, you will be able to stream content on TV, laptop, mobile and tablet

Under Netflix's Rs 699 per month plan, users will be able to watch content on up to four devices at a time

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